To celebrate a massive year, I’ve decided to throw a FREE day party on Australia day eve. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support you guys have given over the last 12 months with the radio show and coming to see me play. I’ve got few of my favourite guests from the show and an old friend from LA to play some epic disco inspired sets at one of my favourite venues, Section 8.

Club coco is open to anyone and everyone. with a strict NO chin stroking policy. Celebrating all things disco, boogie, italo and house this party features some of finest talents in Melbourne alongside american selector Cooper Saver (Far away).

I hope to see you all there! Let’s bring all the disco loving legends to one place for a day of dancing and smiling in the sun.

CLUB COCO …. Australia Day eve!


Free Entry
Section 8



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I’ve had the most delightful year in 2014! Playing in europe, supporting some of my heros in melbourne and most of all having you guys support my radio show and come to gigs each and every week.

I just wanted to say thank you so I bought a few CC:DISCO presents , I’ve got 3 packs of lovely stuff some include tote bags, key rings and stickers + some of my sets recorded this year on CD so you can have some car tunage.

Simply shoot an email to this address (yes word email at the front)

Will draw the winners on Monday!

Thank you again and have the best bloody xmas and new year!




House ………………………..


House music hey, its a genre that will never die IMO but lets understand that it is also a blanket term and used by some Djs who play this god awful version of house. EDM I’m looking at you bro.

My version of house is soulful and filled with groove, it was the love child from disco. I’ve got so many memories of amazing nights out dancing for hours to house. I really started to connect with house when I moved to mexico after i finished my degree. I was surround by clubs and Djs for the first time and it was one club in particular that used to house the greats such as Derrick Cater, Mark Farina and more. The mexicans taught me how to go out all night dancing with out being a booze hound, their passion for the music was incredible and not masked by a millions bags of M and 300 vodka sodas.

Its people like Frankie Knuckles that introduced me to it and I’m so thankful I was able to see him play and not only play but see that amazing smile he had before he died.

This week I was able to go and dance to the house I LOVE, so many times you go and see a dj who claims to play house and it turns out to be awful electo, tech house with no soul. 90s house is where it was at for me. 80’s was fantastic as well but by the time the 90s came producers were able to create amazing house tunes that took you to deeper places.

The following is collection of house tunes that really get to me, this is not just HOUSE but Italo house, 90s house , soulful house. As disco is blanket term for many sub genres so is HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sounds of Blackness – The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles remix)

Frankie of course has to be on this list, there is something about his music that I always connected to. I LOVE a big arse long emotional intro and this song has it all. I love house music that has amazing stories within it esp when paired with epic strings and dem hats…. dem hats baby.

Crazy P – Theres a better place 

Released in 2002 on the LP The Wicked is music,  this one tune became the staple tune for our share house during my time at uni. We used to sit with the CD on repeat for hours. We never got sick of it. Honestly the neighbours must have thought we were “special” , one song on repeat for 6 hours while we drank and sat outside.  I’ve seen Crazy P live a few times now and their energy is like no other, still touring and make their classic signature disco house sound …. WELL DONE guys!

Motivation – Atmosphere (Dimitri from paris edit)

Old mate Dimitri has had one of the most successful careers known in the industry, a night at the playboy mansion? Who could forget that. It was around the time Bob Sinclair was making decent music as well. DFP has been a huge influence on me and esp with the soulful disco house vibes. This track is more so on the disco house tip its a clear reminder of time in music where the soulful was IN….

Jon Cutler – Its yours (Frankie Feliciano remix)

Mate, lay back close the eyes and you’ll be taken back to 2001 Ibiza chill haha!
Honestly love the guitar in this tune though and its still a fav tune to listen to on the beach.

Soundstream – Makin Love

taking it up a notch now. Still on that loopy disco tip this has that drive that house music creates on the dance floor. Its one thing to listen to this on you ipod on the tram its another to having it blasting on a set of Club speakers at a festival.  A slow burner indeed but its got the drive to keep you until the end… if you let it :)

Felix – Don’t you want me

Lets take it up, 1992 where rave house was the norm, high intensity synth stabs and BIG VOCALS were everything.
Recently hearing a remix of this at Berghain in berlin I was slightly sad because it didn’t use the energy in the felix version. It teased you 5mins… This was fist pumping at its best, that break in song with DON”T YOU WANT MY LOVIN” then RAVEEEE. . Its also clearly an influence in in new house ,  ive heard so many new releases that remind me of these early 90s rave house tunes. Honestly this song has the kind of DROP that makes you want to punch someone in the face, in a good way.

Basement Jaxx – Rendez- VU

Man these guys killed it. Live shows, their music was forever changing and evolving. For me this was the song that always stood out. It just had everything one could want on the DF in 1999, well school discos for me at that time. The spanish guitar element just made it an unstoppable force. My obsession with other cultures and their music drew me straight into this track and it never leaves you. I’ve only seen a couple of DJs pull this out in sets but POWER TO YOU>>>>>

Gat Decor – Passion 

Obvious , I know. But there is something special about this track and I always love a good emotional intro. So this is a no brainer really.

Davina – Don’t you want it

More from the early 90s. You should be able to tell by the hats straight up :)
Long tracks with long journeys and good vocals. This one is another on that list. Even a bit of spoken word in there too haha.

Romanthony – Hold on 

This one, man another great legend of dance music that sadly passed away. What draws me to this song is the spoken word element as well as again A BIG ARSE LONG EMOTIONAL INTRO.

Don Carlos – House jazz
Got to add some Don Carlos in here as well, on that jazzy house tip you can’t go past that late 90s early 00’s jazz house sound. Get some sax into your life.


The Shapeshifters – lola’s theme

Sorry but I got to admit this tune is bloody awesome , its cheesy as hell but its amazing and I still bring out the wax of this on the home turnie.

Greg Wilson and Friends NYE MELBOURNE


A couple of years ago while watching Greg Wilson Dj at New Guernica if someone had of told me I’d be supporting him 2 years later I would have said “I wish”. BUT come on 2014 I am. I’ve always been a big fan of greg given his dedication and the longevity of his career. I’ve seen him a few times and really enjoy his sets because HE PLAYS TO A CROWD. Using unknown tunes and but always featuring lots of tunes the crowd will know its always a recipe for a good time. Watching him play at Garden Festival to bunch of 21 yr olds who had no clue of any of the tunes he was playing it was a real treat to take a look around see them cutting “sick” to disco and house in a genuine way.

Greg will be doing a 4 hr set and on the support duties will be myself, Edd Fisher and J-Law.

Tickets here , What a great way to bring in 2015.




The last club coco was so much fun, I’ve decided to make it a regular thing. This time we take over Section 8, one of the best places to hang in our city. I’ve put together some of my fav local djs who will be giving you sweet Italo, boogie, disco and house for one night. Its FREE! NO EXCUSES.

Wanna hear more from the lads at Bacon Booty Disco and Baguette and Pastizzi? Well tune into this weeks edition of Smoke and Mirrors….. B & P will be coming in live for mix.

Section 8
31/10/14 FREEEEEE

Check out Bacon Booty Disco

Italo, a way of life!


Italo is and will always be a dirty word. For those that can look past the flashy artworks, cheap lyrics and appreciate Italo for what it is and how much it is have influenced dance music as we know it … then keep reading.

Italo busted into the world in the late 70’s, it was europe’s take on disco which was quoted as having “too much melody”. The songs were full of bright synths, cheesy lyrics about love and often matched with ridicules men with moustaches. Italo was more than just a genre though to me it spawned a whole new wave of art and if you need an example of this simple check out Patrick Nagel.

Italo didn’t stop in the late 80’s though, through modern interpretation you can hear the ‘modern day’ Italo sounds in Todd Terje, luke Million, The Swiss and many more. The edits of Italo songs are out of control , everyone has put their hands all over these tunes and made DJ friendly versions, to me this just goes to show how much the genre people ‘love to hate’ actually influenced so many.

The following collection is just some of the Italo tunes, i really enjoy. Not all of them though, Ive got at least 10 more posts I could do about this genre and even the Italo house era.

Some gold in here. Enjoy.

cc x

Gary Low – I want you

Valentina – Tina are you ready now

Moonbase – Waiting for a train (instrumental)

Mike Mareen – Dancing in the dark

Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love 

Charlie – Space ranger

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Clio – Faces

Modern Talking – You’re my heart, You’re my soul

Latin Blood – Daeso (Salsa mix)

Luke Million – Italo Journey



So most of you know I went walk-a-bout for a while through Europe during winter, I was lucky enough to spend a week at Garden Festival in Croatia and ended up staying for 3 weeks and enjoying the hell out of life.

I sat down with Tim Sweeny at during the festival, most of you will know him as the host of Beats in Space WNYU (NYC). I’ve always admired Beats in Space because of it diversity and  guests are ALWAYS educating me with new music.

The great thing about Tim’s show is one of his listeners Victor from Washington Heights, who has sent him death threats and constantly leaving angry messages for him every week. My favourite BIS ep is with DJ harvey and Victor going troppo about how much he hates harvey… who could hate harvey??

We talk about 15 years in radio, buying kids beers, Victor and Melbourne’s loose crowd. Enjoy.

CC:DISCO - TIM SWEENY INTERVIEW by Ccdisco on Mixcloud