For the next three weeks, I’m in the states on a holiday but also a record buying and some what a musical education trip. Something I’ve learnt is that I never want to stop learning and if I think I know everything then its time to stop DJ …. PERIOD. So far the trip has been amazing apart from one idiot LA based DJ who of course i won’t name names, whose ego was bruised when he thought that GIRL could possibly know more about Disco than him, apart from that LA has provided a nice starting point to the trip.

One of the best moment of the trip was reading my Paradise Garage book in the middle of the desert. It was perfect, even though I’ve been researching PG this book give you so much more insight and really paints the picture of the time. I highly recommend reading it, to any disco fan out there.


Stay tuned. I’ve got some big blog posts coming when I get to Chicago.

House ………………………..


House music hey, its a genre that will never die IMO but lets understand that it is also a blanket term and used by some Djs who play this god awful version of house. EDM I’m looking at you bro.

My version of house is soulful and filled with groove, it was the love child from disco. I’ve got so many memories of amazing nights out dancing for hours to house. I really started to connect with house when I moved to mexico after i finished my degree. I was surround by clubs and Djs for the first time and it was one club in particular that used to house the greats such as Derrick Cater, Mark Farina and more. The mexicans taught me how to go out all night dancing with out being a booze hound, their passion for the music was incredible and not masked by a millions bags of M and 300 vodka sodas.

Its people like Frankie Knuckles that introduced me to it and I’m so thankful I was able to see him play and not only play but see that amazing smile he had before he died.

This week I was able to go and dance to the house I LOVE, so many times you go and see a dj who claims to play house and it turns out to be awful electo, tech house with no soul. 90s house is where it was at for me. 80’s was fantastic as well but by the time the 90s came producers were able to create amazing house tunes that took you to deeper places.

The following is collection of house tunes that really get to me, this is not just HOUSE but Italo house, 90s house , soulful house. As disco is blanket term for many sub genres so is HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sounds of Blackness – The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles remix)

Frankie of course has to be on this list, there is something about his music that I always connected to. I LOVE a big arse long emotional intro and this song has it all. I love house music that has amazing stories within it esp when paired with epic strings and dem hats…. dem hats baby.

Crazy P – Theres a better place 

Released in 2002 on the LP The Wicked is music,  this one tune became the staple tune for our share house during my time at uni. We used to sit with the CD on repeat for hours. We never got sick of it. Honestly the neighbours must have thought we were “special” , one song on repeat for 6 hours while we drank and sat outside.  I’ve seen Crazy P live a few times now and their energy is like no other, still touring and make their classic signature disco house sound …. WELL DONE guys!

Motivation – Atmosphere (Dimitri from paris edit)

Old mate Dimitri has had one of the most successful careers known in the industry, a night at the playboy mansion? Who could forget that. It was around the time Bob Sinclair was making decent music as well. DFP has been a huge influence on me and esp with the soulful disco house vibes. This track is more so on the disco house tip its a clear reminder of time in music where the soulful was IN….

Jon Cutler – Its yours (Frankie Feliciano remix)

Mate, lay back close the eyes and you’ll be taken back to 2001 Ibiza chill haha!
Honestly love the guitar in this tune though and its still a fav tune to listen to on the beach.

Soundstream – Makin Love

taking it up a notch now. Still on that loopy disco tip this has that drive that house music creates on the dance floor. Its one thing to listen to this on you ipod on the tram its another to having it blasting on a set of Club speakers at a festival.  A slow burner indeed but its got the drive to keep you until the end… if you let it :)

Felix – Don’t you want me

Lets take it up, 1992 where rave house was the norm, high intensity synth stabs and BIG VOCALS were everything.
Recently hearing a remix of this at Berghain in berlin I was slightly sad because it didn’t use the energy in the felix version. It teased you 5mins… This was fist pumping at its best, that break in song with DON”T YOU WANT MY LOVIN” then RAVEEEE. . Its also clearly an influence in in new house ,  ive heard so many new releases that remind me of these early 90s rave house tunes. Honestly this song has the kind of DROP that makes you want to punch someone in the face, in a good way.

Basement Jaxx – Rendez- VU

Man these guys killed it. Live shows, their music was forever changing and evolving. For me this was the song that always stood out. It just had everything one could want on the DF in 1999, well school discos for me at that time. The spanish guitar element just made it an unstoppable force. My obsession with other cultures and their music drew me straight into this track and it never leaves you. I’ve only seen a couple of DJs pull this out in sets but POWER TO YOU>>>>>

Gat Decor – Passion 

Obvious , I know. But there is something special about this track and I always love a good emotional intro. So this is a no brainer really.

Davina – Don’t you want it

More from the early 90s. You should be able to tell by the hats straight up :)
Long tracks with long journeys and good vocals. This one is another on that list. Even a bit of spoken word in there too haha.

Romanthony – Hold on 

This one, man another great legend of dance music that sadly passed away. What draws me to this song is the spoken word element as well as again A BIG ARSE LONG EMOTIONAL INTRO.

Don Carlos – House jazz
Got to add some Don Carlos in here as well, on that jazzy house tip you can’t go past that late 90s early 00’s jazz house sound. Get some sax into your life.


The Shapeshifters – lola’s theme

Sorry but I got to admit this tune is bloody awesome , its cheesy as hell but its amazing and I still bring out the wax of this on the home turnie.

Italo, a way of life!


Italo is and will always be a dirty word. For those that can look past the flashy artworks, cheap lyrics and appreciate Italo for what it is and how much it is have influenced dance music as we know it … then keep reading.

Italo busted into the world in the late 70’s, it was europe’s take on disco which was quoted as having “too much melody”. The songs were full of bright synths, cheesy lyrics about love and often matched with ridicules men with moustaches. Italo was more than just a genre though to me it spawned a whole new wave of art and if you need an example of this simple check out Patrick Nagel.

Italo didn’t stop in the late 80’s though, through modern interpretation you can hear the ‘modern day’ Italo sounds in Todd Terje, luke Million, The Swiss and many more. The edits of Italo songs are out of control , everyone has put their hands all over these tunes and made DJ friendly versions, to me this just goes to show how much the genre people ‘love to hate’ actually influenced so many.

The following collection is just some of the Italo tunes, i really enjoy. Not all of them though, Ive got at least 10 more posts I could do about this genre and even the Italo house era.

Some gold in here. Enjoy.

cc x

Gary Low – I want you

Valentina – Tina are you ready now

Moonbase – Waiting for a train (instrumental)

Mike Mareen – Dancing in the dark

Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love 

Charlie – Space ranger

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Clio – Faces

Modern Talking – You’re my heart, You’re my soul

Latin Blood – Daeso (Salsa mix)

Luke Million – Italo Journey


edits de cc

The disco edit culture is certainly not something new. Beginner Djs love them, Purists hate them…its a fine line and sometimes a dirty word around certain scenes. But in my opinion I think there is a place for edits, if a song can be enhanced for the dancefloor then its ok right?? You’ll notice even with mine I try not to change them too much but I do give em a facelift so it can be dj’ed without ripping it apart or loop it too much.

The following are a collection of edits that I truly adore and instead of keeping them to myself I would like to share them.

1. Gary Low – I washed you (Frenchkiss Edit)


At first I didn’t ‘get’ this version and automatically thought the B side was where it was at.  I didn’t understand the pitched version until one day (not joking) coming home from something and it would have been early in the morning this came on my playlist (I own record don’t worry bros). I finally understood what this was and how much more it added to the edit. 5mins you will see what I’m talking about. This is the tune I can only play to a certain crowd at a certain time. Croatian beach was one of those as well as Strawberry Fields 2012.

Gary lows music is amazing but the vocals verses really get in your face. Using the chorus only and making this an actual 9min journey is what has been done.. proper edit.  Really I hope you can appreciate this record as much as I do its actually in my top 10 of all time…. There is no preview of this track on THE WHOLE INTERNET. So trust me when I say buy this.

Honestly I get a bit emo to this track and I know I play you guys so much music djing and on the radio show but I bet when you hear or see me play this you will the biggest smile and sway going on…, I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.




The first time I played this in club it just tore the place apart, every single time I play this jam its really is my signature track. So if you lucky enough to be a set where I’m feeling the hell of it you’ll most see me throw this bad boy in. This is no better feeling that watching people lose their shit to this.

The original is of course from Dan Hartman and who else could belt out these bloody vocals than loleatta halloway. Both versions of the this song are fantastic but there is something about the edit that is just a CC:DISCO!!! CLASSIC!!! it was born for me DJ!!!!

I feel like dan Hartman is one under-rated artist hey. Another one of my all time fav tracks from the 80s is I can dream about you.. So good.



R-5296312-1389989722-5375 (1)

This is another one of those  “secret edits releases” that goes around. I was really hoping when I saw the “DJ” play he would drop this track. Sadly he didn’t but I did get to watch this dj in the most intimate setting and he did play the bros track aka the A side. . One thing you miss because you a DJ is dancing to your fav songs on the dancefloor and not behind the desk.

This edit is amazing, it makes me want spin around dancing in the rain. Most people prefer the A side but this has more emotion and i think its more of ladies track.




I still remember the first time I heard this, it was 6.30am at one of my infamous house parties at PUNT PALACE and I have a guy call ben to thank for introducing it to me. Nothing is better than a slow jam at 6.30 in the morning when the sun is coming up. This is of course an edit of the italo version of TOTO’s africa. Trust me play this after a big night at 6.30am and let your troubles fad away.


5. I COULDN’T LOVE YOU MORE – SADE  – Matrixxman + Vin Sol


I was sitting at work one day listening to tracks for sale on an online record store and this came on. Sade is always a fav of mine and most edits of work I haven’t feel as much as this. Her music is just simply amazing, its heart felt and lyrics are always on the emotional which i love. This edit has kept the dark beauty of the track and gave it life. I think this a beautiful version with a whole new direction to the track.


6. TIGER & WOODS – GIN NATION  (Edit of Music and lights – Imagination)


I feel like this tune was grower for me. It certainly took me a few listens and a session on the dance floor to really understand and appreciate it. Tiger and Woods out of Italy took over the chopped up vocal edit world for quite some time and this has to be their best work IMO. The original song is just as good but i feel this is a real example of an edit completely changing the track. This tracks teases you with the ‘let me, let me, let me’ and then that bass line comes in…. so sexy. For a track coming in at 104 bpms or around about its got a bloody killer groove ( which in my opinion Imagination has some of the best basslines in the game) and really reminds me of 6th borough projects earlier edits. When the vocals Music and Lights come in it just honestly lifts you like no other edit. Enjoy this one until the very end.




Do it to max, going all the way tonight , Do it to max, going all the way tonight . Repeat and Repeat. Coming in 99bpms this track is one of my all time fav and I just love the groove in this s well. You can really get your arse around this tune on the dance floor, no joke jump in front of the mirrors and pump this one and you’ll be surprised as how much you can shake it.




If you’re a Dj and you don’t own this I suggest you get on this asap. This has to be one of the most incredible edits of Roy Ayres Chicago I’ve ever hear. This really gives you a work out on the dancefloor and is quite different to many of the other Chicago edit. There is nothing better than playing this on a packed dancefloor and it I can’t help but lose my shit as well when playing it. This off the Millionhands #2 edits Ep.




 When it comes to editing Lonnie Liston Smith, you’ve got do something amazing. This actually is a work of art. The orgainal song would be in the 80bpm range and not even close to being a dance track. Soul clap do wonderful version of this and with the right crowd this could one magical moment on the DF.




Again I still remember the first time I heard this edit of Level 42s Starchild from Italian producer Bottin I was blown away. Level 42 had always been a favourite of mine with their track ‘something about you’. This again is another track that can work so well with the right people. Its all about the right people and place in the end. ”” while were young, floating free” so good!




Honestly, I thought I was lucky enough to skip winter with being in EU for 2 months for 2014…Clearly not. Upside is that you can read this blog post sit down in your lounge with the heater on high, some candles and enjoy MUSIC FOR SHIT HOUSE MELBOURNE DAYS #1

Lonnie Liston Smith – Dreams of Tomorrow

There is something very tears for fears like about this track and mainly its the vocals. This tune is so smooth its just the best to listen to while stuck inside.

Hi Gloss -You’ll never know
This is one of my all time favourites, too slow to ever play in a DJ set but it deserves a play next to fire with some candles. Trust me.

Royksopp – Royskopp Forver

The whole song is just incredible but once you get to around the 3.20min mark the song really just goes to a new level. Its tracks like this make me think Royskopp are really unde-rated. To date these guys are in my top 10 live shows EVER. See them and see them do this shit live, its heaven.

Midnight Juggernauts – Dystopia

I think  Midnight Juggers are one of the greatest acts in Australia, ofter overlooked because of classic Australian “tall poppy syndrone” they have continued to expand their sound and make classic electronic music. This in particular was the last track on the album titled the same “dystopia” in 1998. I loved this song and it was the perfect album closer. Huh remember we used to listen to albums :(

The Emotions – You’re the One
This one is perfect for those shithouse Melbourne rainy days

Todd Terje – Johnny and Mary (feat Bryan Ferry)
Goodness me this song brings me so much joy! Two of my favs together creating one of the best covers I’ve ever heard. The actual rawness of this track performed live recently gave me goosebumps. Sure people might criticize ferry because his voice wasn’t exactly made for this kind of tune but I really think is a great track.

Norma White & Brentford Disco Set – I want your love

This is for rain, hail or shine really. But nothing beats listening to this by a fireplace. Grab it for cool $70 bucks on Discogs.



I’ve always found it really enjoyable to have a bath and listen to mixes from some of my fav DJs, with everyone having the ability to make a DJ mix these days I feel the love is sometimes lost in many of them. Not the case here people! The following is a collection of mixes that I highly recommend for bath time listening. Candles , red wine and a full tank of hot water ready to go! Get to it!

I’ve had the pleasure of having old mate SK on both my radio shows and I’ve followed his work for years and really think what he does is something special. This mix gets a good run from me, esp when a girl needs disco nap!


It makes me proud to live in city full of amazing djs and artists, I truly think we have it so good in our fair city and this next mix comes from Wax’O Paradiso which includes Andy Hart, Simon Tk and PBSFM’s own Edd Fisher. This was a live recording from one of the Move your feet parties. Full of uplifting gems that most of you will know and if you don’t? Get to know them. Highly recommended!


Alright this one is the goods, I’ve even been a fan girl and tried to email to ask for playlist but sadly no reply. This mix was made for Glenview Records who some of you might know for their Glenn Underground releases etc. From start to finish I vibed the living hell of this mix. Let’s hope one day I can get a tracklist.

Another Melbourne act that I enjoy ALOT. Even though I’m friends with them it pains me to watch them play because they have exceptional taste and are probs two of my fav Djs in melbourne, JUST PLEASE DON’T TELL THEM THAT. The french dude has a big enough head. No really check out their mixes. They offer something a little different and totally worthy of bath listen.

Need to have an express bath or an upbeat mix for the shower? This is what you need? This mix was made for my old radio show a couple of years ago on KISS FM and I still give this a good play! Just love it. I feel like their mixes are filled with love and feeling and esp this one! A digtial needle are from Toronto, Canada and they throw some amazing parties I hear, so check em out!

This is a mix I recently made and the sole purpose was for bath time listening, infact I seriouly have that in mind when I’m making a mix. First half is for bathing, following half after intermission is for getting ready to go out. I hope you like it!!