Was chuffed to have a mix included with THUMP for Strawberry Fields.
This mix is something I’ve been sitting on for a while, this is the best representation of my sounds spanning Italo, house, Disco from all around the globe and yes I finished in true CC style with a little surprise track. Take a listen and thanks again to THUMP and Strawberry Fields.

Fresh CC Mix 1980-1985

I’ve been dying to do a 1980-1985 love jam boogie mix and here it is. Nothing but LOVE songs from my favourite era of music. Nothing rare or crazy here just tunes that everytime I put them on I can’t help but smile and sway. This mix is for the lads at Good Manners ahead of their party on Thursday with Nile Delta Broadway Sounds MISTY NIGHTS and more.

There is something so special about the tunes from the early 80’s especially from the boogie era. Its all heart felt and makes you want drink coconut water while sitting on cloud?. Well maybe I went to far with that. But I love this shit it makes me happy. Hope you can enjoy.


For the next three weeks, I’m in the states on a holiday but also a record buying and some what a musical education trip. Something I’ve learnt is that I never want to stop learning and if I think I know everything then its time to stop DJ …. PERIOD. So far the trip has been amazing apart from one idiot LA based DJ who of course i won’t name names, whose ego was bruised when he thought that GIRL could possibly know more about Disco than him, apart from that LA has provided a nice starting point to the trip.

One of the best moment of the trip was reading my Paradise Garage book in the middle of the desert. It was perfect, even though I’ve been researching PG this book give you so much more insight and really paints the picture of the time. I highly recommend reading it, to any disco fan out there.


Stay tuned. I’ve got some big blog posts coming when I get to Chicago.


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